Local Political Leaders - Capacitating Women in Politics

Now is the time for the fourth round of the international training program "Local Political Leaders - capacitating the Women in Politics".

The program targets women in top positions in political assemblies at the local level in 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. The program provides the opportunity to strengthen the capacity in the participant´s leadership and network together with other women in the same position.

ICLD has strengthened a total of 75 women during three years by primarily enable them to share and disseminate their experiences. Now a fourth round begins in which will be followed by two more in the framework of a three-year period.

The first round lasted 2013-2014 and the fourth round of the program is expected to begin in April 2016 and will run for 18 months.

If you are a local political leader, a woman and most importantly an agent of change this programme is for you!

Women serving as Political Leaders from ICLD:s 21 partner countries are most welcome to apply! The 25 selected local political leaders will get an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in the following areas:
• Roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the political process
• Knowledge on how to carry out reform processes with a gender perspective
• Improved skills in change management and strategic planning

List of the 27 partcipants in the ongoing third round of the programme that started in april 2015 >>

For more information about the upcoming programme, see the brochure and application form below.

Brochure - Local Political Leaders

Application form - Local Political Leaders


Kristin Ekström, Programme Officer
e-post: kristin.ekstrom@icld.se


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