International cooperation on local level

The ICLD’s purpose, as part of Swedish development co-operation, is to promote local democracy in low and middle-income countries. For the ICLD, local democracy principally concerns strengthening local institutions, issues regarding decentralisation, local autonomy, citizen influence and collaboration between various participants.

Co-operating with existing institutions and authorities, as opposed to constructing parallel activities, is fundamental to the ICLD. Combining mutuality and local ownership, as well as acting on the different contexts of the co-operating partners, are also integral.

Olov Berggren new Secretary General of ICLD
Olov Berggren started as new Secretary General of ICLD on 2 March 2015 and comes most recently from a position as Programme Manager for RFSU’s programmes in Africa.


  Solid Waste management in Haldwani

A solid waste management system in Haldwani, state of Uttrakhand in India, is soon ready to be implemented. The whole idea started off as a project for change by Neeraj Joshi who attended the ICLD international training programme "Decentralization and Good Governance with a Gender Perspective".

Now it is the only one project sanctioned in Uttrakhand by the government of India.

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Get to know the members of ICLD:s Advisory Group
Pamela Mbabazi, Associate Professor at Mbarara University of Science & Technology in Uganda is a member since 2014.
- I would like to emphasize more focus and research in the areas of landgrabbing and corruption as they are crippling the potential in many societies in the developing world.


Highlighting gender in budget processes
Meet Rozeta Aleksov, gender equality coordinator from Serbia, who together with her colleagues Jelena Brankov-Cerevicki and Zoran Kovač, are stearing a change project that follows the money to see if any group benefits more in the process of public finances.

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2016-10-21. ICLD / Center of Knowledge
South Africa elections in August analyzed for ICLD by Dr Andrew Siddle.
The 2016 local government elections were the most significant elections to be held in South Africa at any level since 1994.
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2016-10-14. ICLD / Municipal Partnership / Training Programmes / Center of Knowledge
Invitation to a round table meeting of researchers Malmö, Sweden 12 – 13 December 2016.
Invitation to Russian and Swedish researchers experienced in studying local governance for a round table meeting of researchers in Malmö, Sweden 12 – 13 December 2016.

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