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KC - Stephan Hochleithner, Andreas Exner (2018) Outmigration, Development, and Global Environmental Change. A Review and Discussion of Case Studies from the West African Sahel

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KC – Hochleithner S & Exner A (2018) - Theories of Migration in and from Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Review and Critique of Current Literature

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KC – Hochleithner S & Exner A (2018) - Local Government and Migration: A Review of Literature and Media Narratives with focus on West African Sahel

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Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Indonesia Case Study

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Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Vietnam Case Study

Partnership for better health care

Challenges and a knowledge gap exist at varying levels when it comes to recruiting and retaining healthcare workers in the most rural parts of the county.
Homa Bay and Västerbotten County share commonalities which led to an ICLD-course on how to successfully apply for a municipal partnership.
“It has been most helpful – the team was taken through the logical framework approach (LFA) for the plan and gained a greater understanding of what can be funded through ICLD,” says Gordonn Okomo, County Director of Health, Homa Bay.

16 Oktober

Internship opportunity

ICLD announces its spring  2019 internship opportunities

05 Oktober

Municipal Partnership Programme

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"Life Without Borders" break up isolation

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Talk about local democracy focusing on women's participation.

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KC – Siddle, A (2016) The 2016 local government elections: The point where South Africa changed course?